Christine Corday engages a materials practice as artist with the evolving human scale of perception and fundamental forces. She works with temperature, material states, elemental metals as well as creates further medium often in artist-led collaborations with international scientists and science organizations.




Carbon Steel

24 x 56 x 4-1/2 in.


PARENTHETICAL DIMENSION / Continuing Corday's PROTOIST Series, AHN (pronounced awn) is a 350 pound work placed at the corner of an exterior or interior architecture. AHN supports the juxtaposition of unknown visible and invisible dimensional planes, reminding it’s experiencer of the intersecting choices constructing reality and the impermanence/permanence of “time” and “place”.


Brooklyn WagMag spoke to AHN's "grounding resonance" saying, "It optically strums like an electric bass and has considerable gravitational pull. " [^]


Exhibition: FIT, Allan Nederpelt, New York

September 10 - October 17, 2009

Curator: Beverly Allan, Martin Nederpelt


^ Enrico Gomez, FIT, WagMag Brooklyn Art Guide, 2010-10-6