508 W 25th Street, New York, New York

November 7 - December 12, 2008


Weathering Steel

105" x 103" x 197" / 2.2m x 2.3m x 5m / 2 tons


UNE is the first Form of the Protoist Series; a series Corday began as a painter replacing paint with heat. Protoist works investigate the material through distinctive cuts suspending the medium at a moment between melt and cut as well as between sensory stimulus and definiton.


Touch indexically registers memory on the material surface as rust–an intimate yet shared public surface.


Curator: Beverly Allan

Special Thanks: Eric Touchaleaume, Galerie 54, Paris

Trevor Strahleski, Cardinal Investments, New York City

Christopher Powers, KC Fabrications, New York

Image Credit: Tim Willis, Lockbox Productions