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 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

December 13, 2014-April 5, 2015


Protoist Series, Selected Forms is the artist’s first solo presentation

 at an American museum. Corday coined the term "protoist" to describe forms in and out of a solid state and is the title of a series of works in the suspension of a moment between sensory perception and definition. The series focuses on temperature, solid states of metals and the sensory effect of touch with abstract form.


 The two Forms on view in the exhibition, UNE and KNOUN, exist as recording devices; every handprint that touches them will appear over time as rust, mapping an intimately individual yet shared public surface.


Director: Michael Govan

Curator: Franklin Sirmans, Holly Harrison

Sponsor: Lannan Foundation

In-Kind Support: KC Fabrications

With Special Thanks: Samara Whitesides

LACMA video: Editor Agnes Stauber, Multimedia Producer

 Footage by Artist at Bernier Cast Metals