Christine Corday engages a materials practice as artist with the evolving human scale of perception and fundamental forces. She works with temperature, material states, elemental metals as well as creates further medium often in artist-led collaborations with international scientists and science organizations.




Cast Iron, Carbon, Silicon, Manganese, Phosphorus,  Sulfur,  Aluminum, Copper, Chromium, Nickel.

43  x 84  x 5 in


This series investigates the material through distinctive cuts suspending elemental medium at a moment between melt and cut as well as between sensory stimulus and definiton.


The surface of Protoist Forms are created by the additive rust from the oils/acids of the human hand as well as the subtractive removal of surface memory by the very same touch.


NOVAE was included within exhibition Something Fierce, 22 Jul- 17 Sep 2017, Lannan Foundation. Curator Christie Davis.


In the collection of Emily and Teddy Greenspan.