4733 McPherson Avenue, Saint Louis, MO

November 17, 2017 - January 20, 2018



Corday presents project Spacewalker / +43F 14.7p with projects + gallery Saint Louis, a new series of works defined by temperature and pressure––the cosmological hammer and chisel. Focusing the tools of the vast for the object’s most intimate, her studio-cum-cosmic practice folds elemental signatures as the medium of these works.


The object is manipulated as a primary stroke between phases of matter, a material line-of-sight or line-of-experience which bends, or folds one’s bias and ability to sense. The object is perceived bound as a temperature, pressure or location relative to the other; with no view

of the object as privileged.


The show title +43F 14.7p notes the temperature [F] and pressure [p] at the gallery’s surface. The works are identified in 10, 100, and 10,000 lb. increments

and titled by the temperature and pressure folding them.

In partnership with Barrett Barrera Projects, Corday debuts the first edition works of Spacewalker [1]: her ongoing series of “uniformity”. The works are

material re-orientations or sensory embodiments shifting one’s perception of location as separated from outer space to the realization of one’s exact location

as walking it.  All Spacewalker positions are relative to any other in all space.  Spacewalker / +43F 14.7p premiers these first series with further works in

2018––the series can be followed on




Bridget Melloy



Susan Barrett, Barrett Barrera, Founder



Jeff Hartz, Hartz Gallery, Saint Louis


[1]Spacewalker is a registered trademark with the Artist.