Pigment-Coated Aluminum

60 x 120 x 1-1/2 in.


ÆPI (pronounced AY-pie) continues the Artist’s PROTOIST Series: Forms investigating the transformative state between the unknown and the known. The series engenders direct physical contact, not only to be touched but to be worn over time by human interaction. This new work’s title fuses the meaning and pronunciation of the greek root "epi" (upon) from English words epicenter and epoch with the lost sound of Latin diphthong Æ.


The Form’s torch-cut center plate is an abstraction of the figurative self as plateau or stair––standing on its plane shifts a single dimension of perception by 1 and 1/2 inches thus acutely honing the senses to their most subtle realms––a quiet big bang, a floating grounded void, an intimate invitation to the unseen.


ÆPI is exhibited is the individual scale maquette of its collective scale public work.


Exhibition: All That Is Unseen

Curators: Meg O'Rourke and Caris Reid

February 15- March 13, 2011

Allan Nederpelt, Greenpoint, NY